In this podcast, I talk with David Malcolm Bennett in Australia. His Masters and Doctorate work have included topics such as the origin and history of the Altar Call, and of Left Behind Theology. Here we look at the Altar Call, and ever so briefly at the end, at the Sinner's Prayer. We ask where these came from, how they became fundamental to Evangelical praxis, and ponder potential ramifications.

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In this podcast, John W. Morehead from MultiFaith Matters and I discuss the blowback we sometimes receive for befriending people who come from positions radically different than our own Evangelical worldview.

We talk about developing friendships with Hindus, Mormons, Witches, and Satanists. Not everyone in the Christian church thinks this should be done, and we disagree. Find out why.

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Diana Greenfield, the Goth Vicar of Glastonbury, is doing her doctoral work on the character of Brigid. Is this Irish 5th to 6th century woman (if she existed) a Pagan goddess or a Christian saint? Or is there another story to tell?

Diana gives us the skinny on her developing doctoral work on this topic.

Diana is an Anglican minister in the colorful town of Glastonbury, England. She has developed friendly relationships with the Pagan and Magickal community there, and offers us a view of Brigid that bridges the difficult gap between Pagan and Christian, and provides us with a way of speaking with one another.

Phil Wyman and Loren Sandford discuss the "Trump Prophecies", and what went wrong with the Christian Charismatic Prophetic Movement during the season of Trump's run for President and the years of his Presidency? Loren briefly joined the chorus voices declaring that Trump would be elected a second term, and when it didn't happen, he was among the few who apologized for doing so. Too see Loren's apology go to 

Loren discusses the opposition he received from apologizing, and the problems he sees within the movement.

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I talk with my friend Christian Day from New Orleans. Christian is a Warlock and Occult entrepreneur. He owns a number of Witchcraft shops, and festivals. We discuss the fact that people believing and promoting the wild QAnon conspiracy theories are found in both Christian and Pagan circles.  

Although we don't have the similar beliefs, we do find that there are places where we have similar struggles within our respective faith systems. Who would have thought that today's Paganism and Magickal circles would be struggling with this issue in much the same way American Evangelicalism is?

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British author and meta-demonologist S. Jonathon O'Donnell talks with Pastor Phil about the subject of Spiritual Warfare in 21st century America. Their book Passing Orders: Demonology and Sovereignty in American Spiritual Warfare offers a post-colonial critique on the Neo-Pentecostal and Independent Charismatic activity of spiritual warfare.

We talk about Christian demonology, the rise of the Qanon conspiracy, spiritual warfare as a means of boundary maintenance, the symbology of Jezebel in Charismatic circles, the rise of spiritual warfare in national politics, and abuses that occur to people who are accused of demonic motivations.

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